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What matters

©cyrille quintard-gr20-anne-2022-06142022-4.jpg

Length : 37 minutes

Director : Timothée Ranger et Etienne Valentin

Original version, with English subtitles

The GR20, the mythical traverse of Corsica, is usually completed in 15 days. Anne-Lise Rousset Séguret will try to establish the female record in a single push of 36h! Coached by her husband, she has been preparing for many months to be up to this challenge. A collective adventure in the heart of the “island of beauty”, full of suspense and emotions!

Edge of reason

Copie de VideoCapture_20220720-174155.jpg

Length : 45 minutes

Director : Jérôme Tanon

Original version, with English subtitles

Benjamin Védrines and Nicolas Jean are tackling their first 8000 meters summit, Broad Peak in Pakistan. Their goal is to climb without the usual altitude camps, and to achieve the ascent from base camp to summit in one day, in "a single push". The icing on the cake for Benjamin would be to break the speed record for climbing an 8000 meters peak, and to take off from the summit with his paraglider! But in the death zone, even more than elsewhere in the mountains, everything does not always go as planned...

Lumdo Kolola


Length : 38 minutes

Director : Nicolas Alliot et Jean-Yves Fredriksen

Original version, with English subtitles

In 2018, Jean-Yves Fredriksen crossed the Himalayas by paragliding. In the middle of this amazing journey, he met 4 children living alone in a house in the middle of the Nepalese jungle. Back in France, it became obvious to him that he had to return to Nepal to help them. Accompanied by Nicolas Alliot, their paragliders and a violin, they try to find the path that Jean Yves had taken to find the children. An incredible human adventure in the heart of the Nepalese monsoon!

Cap on El Cap

je sais pas c'est quel film.jpg

Length : 52 minutes

Director : Morgan Monchaud and Brian Mathé

Original version, with English subtitles

Seb Berthe may come from Belgium, “the flat country”, but he is one of the best big wall climbers in the world. He is obsessed with one multi pitch in particular: the Dawn Wall in Yosemite. A monster of nearly 1000 meters  with pitches up to 9a, making it the hardest big wall on the planet! However, for ecological reasons, Seb refuses to take a plane. Thus, he decides to sail from Europe to Mexico with a group of climbers with varying degrees of experience in navigation... A long journey full of humor, sea sickness and perfect cracks!

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