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Length : 26 minutes

Director : Yannick Boissenot

Original version, with English subtitles

37 years ago, Patrick Gabarrou and Hervé Bouvard defied the impossible by opening the "Walker Directissime" on the north face of the Grandes Jorasses. No climber has managed to repeat this route until February 2023. Charles Dubouloz, Symon Welfringer and Clovis Paulin undertook the ascent of this face, adding an extra difficulty: making the first free ascent in winter. Welcome to the deep freeze of the unknown! 


Length : 45 minutes

Director : Alastair Lee

Original version

A memorable story in the heart of Greenland! Join Bronwyn Hodgins and Jacob Cook on an incredible adventure. Over 400km of kayaking in the middle of the Arctic, with its icebergs and whales, to reach and climb a virgin 800m big wall. A tough objective and capricious weather, but a great atmosphere and breathtaking scenery! Pure inspiration.


Length : 35 minutes

Director : Jérôme Tanon

Original version, with English subtitles

To mark the 70th anniversary of the first 7A in Fontainebleau, Seb Berthe and Hugo Parmentier have set themselves quite a challenge: to complete 100 7A boulders on a single day, linking the crags by bike or on foot. An extraordinary journey of over 80 km through the magic forest! And an extraordinary feat when you consider how demanding these rocks are. Crimps, climpers, falls, slips but above all a magnificent human adventure, sublimated by the poetry of director Jérôme Tanon. Major.

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Length : 43 minutes

Director : François-Xavier de Ruydts

Original version

Could caving be one of the last areas of true exploration on earth? Hidden from the gaze of satellites, underground networks are an infinite playground for adventure enthusiasts. In British Columbia, Franck Tuot and his team have a fixed idea: to discover the largest cave in Canada by linking up different networks of galleries. Between personal sacrifice, success and disillusionment, how far are they prepared to go to achieve their goals? One thing is certain: for these intrepid personalities, the only direction is into the depths.

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