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Here are the answers to our most requested questions.

  • Is my ticket nominative?
    No, your ticket includes your name and surname but you can give it to someone else, there is no identity check.
  • Is my ticket exchangeable / refundable ?
    Yes exchangeable > In case of a city error during the purchase, you can contact us as soon as possible, via our Contact Form. We will be able to exchange your ticket within the limits of available places. No refundable > We do not have the possibility to refund the tickets. If you can’t attend the evening, you have the opportunity to sell your seat via our Reelax Tickets partner resale platform (ONLY for tickets sold via "Billetweb" : France, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Spain, Slovenia and Finland). /!\ Beware of resale scams on social networks, only tickets bought/sold on the stock market on Reelax Tickets are guaranteed to comply. We advise you to use this secure platform. For the other tickets, you can resell or give away your ticket because there is no identity check for the name on the tickets.
  • Is there an interval?
    Yes, there is a 5 to 20 minute interval in the middle of the show.
  • Can the program be suitable for children?
    Yes > But be careful, it is not recommended to come with very young children (-2 years) because the sound level can be too high for them.
  • Are the movies captioned?
    The films are always presented in their original version. Depending on the original language, the films are captioned : > for the english-speaking countries, Scandinavia, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, the Netherlands and the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium, films have English subtitles. > for France, Luxembourg, the French-speaking part of Belgium, the French-speaking part of Switzerland and the French speaking part of Canada films have French subtitles. > for Italy and the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland, films have Italian subtitles. > for Spain, films have Spanish subtitles. > for Germany, Austria and the German-speaking part of Switzerland, films have German subtitles.
  • I can't find my ticket
    Several parameters can cause this problem: > Check your email, especially the "Spam" category. It can take several minutes for the purchase confirmation email to arrive. Also, be aware that your mail box must not be full or you will not receive your tickets. > On the ticket office of our website, click on the city of your purchase then click on the link "Lost Ticket?" displayed next to the booking module. If your order has been validated, this will allow you to download or send back your order by email. (ONLY for tickets sold via "Billetweb" : France, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Spain, Slovenia and Finland) > Be careful not to confuse authorization of identification by your bank and confirmed payment! Validating on your banking application or via an SMS does not guarantee that the payment is made. If payment has not been confirmed, no ticket will be sent to you and you will not be charged. We invite you to retake your order. > If you have not been able to resolve your concern and have been charged, contact us via our Contact Form, indicating the email and name used for the order as well as a proof of bank debit. /!\ Please, check your mail box to see if you did receive your tickets right after your order so you have time to contact us to fix the issue.
  • Can I come after the beginning of the screening?
    Yes, if you come late, you can go into the screening room but please ensure to do it with discretion to avoid annoying the other spectators. We will not be able to guarantee seats side by side with your part(s).
  • Are the seats numbered?
    No, the seating is free.
  • How to proceed if I can't purchase my ticket online?
    If you have an error message for the payment, you will not be debited. We recommend you to wait for 24h before trying again. It would be better to try with another credit card or with another web browser in case of failure. You can check if you signed up with your email address appears in the list of purchases on the event you are interested in.
  • Are tickets on sale on site?
    > If the event is not sold out, depending on the city, we sell tickets on site. But buying a ticket online is always safer to avoid being disappointed in case we do not sale tickets on site. > If the event is sold out, you can try to find tickets on the resale platform Reelax Tickets (ONLY for tickets sold via "Billetweb" : France, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Spain, Slovenia and Finland)
  • Can I bring some food?
    Generally, food is forbidden in the rooms. Depending on the venues, you could find a refreshment area directly in the cinema.
  • Are there any discounted rates or children’s rates?
    Tickets are for one price. For children under 8 years, places are free. Please send us a message with the identity of your child via the contact form so that we can send you a place.

If you still have a question, please click here to fill out the contact form

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