• Is my ticket nominative?

No, your ticket includes your name and surname but you can give it to someone else, there is no identity check.

  • Is my ticket refundable or exchangeable?

No, we can't refund tickets. If you can't attend the event, you can resell your ticket. In case of a mistake regarding the city chosen during the ticket's purchase, you can contact us via the form below.

  • Are the movies captioned?

In the United Kingdom, Ireland, Scandinavia, Poland, Czech Republic, and Slovakia, films wich aren't in English have English subtitles.

  • How to proceed if I can't purchase my ticket online?

If you have an error message for the payment, you will not be debited. We recommend you to wait for 24h before trying again. You can also try with another credit card or with another web browser.

  • Is there an interval?

Yes, there is an interval of 20 minutes in the middle of the show.

  • Are the seats numbered?

No, the seating is free.

  • Can I come after the beginning of the screening?

Yes, if you come late, you can go into the screening room but please ensure to do it with discretion to avoid annoying the other spectators. 

  • Can I bring some food? 

Generally, food is forbidden in the rooms. Depending on the venues, you could find a refreshment area directly in the cinema.