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Report – Mountains on Stage Summer Edition 2018

43 cities, protagonists present throughout Europe in front of nearly 24,000 spectators!

Thanks to the public of the new city : Louvain-la-Neuve for their warm welcome!

The following report recounts the entire tour of Mountains on Stage. See you in November for the Winter Editon 2018!

For this new edition, the audience of Mountains on Stage discovered 5 films.


The programme includes:

- Adventure with impressive and committed ascents

- An historical performance with the first female 9a+

- Hard climbing and spectacular exploration in Patagonia with music and humor

- Mountains full of treasures ...

- As usual, a big breath of fresh air!

We started the show with "Lunag Ri". This gripping film documents the second attempt of two mountaineers, David Lama and Conrad Anker, to climb Lunag Ri, a virgin summit (6907m) located on the border between Tibet and Nepal.  This new documentary, which had its premiere at Mountains on Stage, is packed with stunning alpine climbing, but it also shows how even the best mountaineers can be fragile in the mountains...

The second film, « Surf the Line » is the result of a crazy project imagined in 2015 by Anicet Léone and Tancrède Melet: surf in the air. After the death of Tancrède, the continuation of this project became very important for the Flying Frenchies. If adrenaline is guaranteed, the beauty of the film comes mainly from the sincere confessions of the protagonists regarding the absence of their friend, and their approach to risk-taking moving forward.

This film served to the public a moving and spectacular cocktail!

The Flying Frenchies on stage in Paris

To continue the show, the public was transported to Patagonia with the the mythical belgian team composed of Sean Villanueva O'Driscoll, Nicolas Favresse and Siebe Vanhee. In this film "Notes from the Wall", they are involved in a new adventure in Torres del Paine, the land of "big walls". A mix of hard climbing, spectacular exploration, music and humor!


An emotional journey which won the "Audience Award of Mountains on Stage Summer 2018"!


The belgian guys shared their passion with the audience on many dates of this tour.
The public of Mountains on Stage could enjoy these moments of exchange.

Then, the public discovered the story of a passion shared by four friends who gather each year in the mountains to look for crystals. Global warming and retreating glaciers make the modern era a golden age for this practice. In 2015, the discovery of an exceptional "oven" changed their lives. "The Mountain Of The Crystal Diggers" takes another look at the mountains, far from performance, it becomes a place for sharing and exploration.

Finally, the public discovered an incredible woman: Margo Hayes in the film "Break on Through"! The level of difficulty in modern climbing is steadily increasing to reach 9c today, but the gap between men and women is getting ever smaller. Margo Hayes proved it by achieving an historical performance: to become the first woman to climb a 9a+. Her projects are two legendary routes, “La Rambla” (Spain) and “Biographie” (France) which will require an absolute commitment. A must-see film about an exceptional woman!

A night full of adventure, dreams and passion like we are used to having at Mountains on Stage!

Thanks to all the protagonists on stage, to the public, and to our partners, for making this evening possible!

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