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Deep Water


Length : 13 minutes

Director : Jon Glassberg

The wonderful cliffs that dominate Ha Long Bay are like a magnet for climbers in search of exploration and “Deep Water Soloing”, which consists in climbing up to 20 meters without any rope before falling into the water. Kyria Condie, a pro climber who is discovering this discipline, will need to overcome her fears with the help of her mentor, Tim Emmet, a ‘DWS’ pioneer. Their goal : “Lightning Crack”, a magnificent line in the heart of the bay… A spectacular and aesthetic movie !

Lost in Karakorum

G0230686- Copyright Damien Lacaze et Ant

Length : 30 minutes

Directors : Damien Lacaze, Antoine Girard et Jérémie Chenal

Let’s fly into the heart of the Himalayas with 2 paragliders, Damien Lacaze and Antoine Girard, for 1500 km of bivouac flying in the Karakorum mountain range, renowned for being the most beautiful in the world… A crazy tour at high altitude led by two amazing friends ! This journey is actually a prelude to try to climb the Spantik (7027m) in two days, thanks to the paragliders. But is this first attempt really achievable ?



Length : 43 minutes

Director : Hugo Clouzeau

We embark for a 17-days self-sufficient trip, in the middle of the Andes Mountains. Six French kayakers are getting ready to paddle their way through the tortuous waters of the Rio Apurimac. A great adventure, full of surprises, for better or for worse, which makes us experience from the inside this committed discipline in which there is no turning back. An ode to friendship and exploration !

The Last Mountain


Length : 83 minutes

Director : Darius Zaluski

Dive into the heart of this Polish expedition to K2, the last 8000 meters summit that still hasn’t been climbed in the Winter. This 2018 attempt, among which were Adam Bielecki and Denis Urubko, took part in the terrible but also incredible rescue of Elisabeth Revol, a French alpinist stuck on Nanga Parbat with her climbing partner Tomasz Mackiewicz. An immersive movie in the cold and the wind, aiming to try and resolve the last great challenge of world mountaineering !

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