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Report – Mountains on Stage Summer Edition 2017

38 shows, 35 cities, protagonists present throughout Europe in front of nearly 23,000 spectators!

Thanks to the public of the new Belgian and Luxemburgish cities : Marche-en-Famenne, Charleroi, Esch sur Alzette et Bastogne for their warm welcome!

The following report recounts the entire tour of Mountains on Stage. See you in November for the Winter Editon 2017!

For this new edition, the audience of Mountains on Stage discovered 6 films.

6 films full of experiments, like highlining between two paragliders, climbing a bigwall full of mud, and even mountain biking on snow.

6 films with strong human adventures.

We started the show with "Mountain bike is the new ski". In this short film, Kilian Bron explores the possibilities of biking in the winter, from reaching 100km/hour speed to riding powder snow. There is no limit to what you can do with a mountain bike!

Teaser: Mountain bike is the new ski"

With the second film, « Poumaka », the public was transported to French Polynesia, on the island of Oua Pou. Take a professional climber from the bouldering circuit and take her on an expedition to an unclimbed tower in the middle of the jungle. This is the amazing adventure that Angie Payne and Mike Libecki went through to make the first ascent of Poumaka, a beautiful spire covered in mud and vegetation. Exploration at its finest!

Teaser "Poumaka"

Angie Payne and Mike Libecki

To continue the show, we rose to the Alps peaks with Julien Irilli. He is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the mountains thanks to a new generation of paragliders. Starting from his home in Annecy he is able to travel through the air to the steepest faces of the Mont-Blanc massif, climb them and fly away from the top. An emotional journey which won the "Audience Award of Mountains on Stage Summer 2017"!


Julien shared his passion with the audience on many dates of this tour.
The public of Mountains on Stage could enjoy these moments of exchange.

Julien Irilli, his father et Nicolas Hairon on stage at Lyon

Teaser:  "Entre ciel et cimes" (Between Sky and Peaks)

Then, the public discovered or rediscovered the mythical film with the legendary Patrick Edlinger: "La Vie au bout des doigts" for the new category “Mountains On Stage Classic”

To start this category, we felt we could not have chosen a more iconic climbing film. In this gem from the 80’s we can see Patrick Edlinger dancing hundreds of feet above the ground without a rope, while listening to the best experimental music of that era.

Patrick Edlinger

"La vie au bougt des doigts"

The show continued with a huge challenge: crossing a highline between two paragliders moving thousands of feet into the air. In this film "Bob, I’m Leaving Your Ship!" (Bob, je quitte le navire), a group of French athletes show us what humans can achieve when they focus all their energy and talent on the realization of their dreams.

Teaser: "Bob, je quitte le navire"

Thibault Cheval, Eliot Nochez & Pierre-Emilio Medina

Finally, the public discovered a film scheduled for the UK tour only: “Blocheads”. The film delves into bouldering’s murky past and traces all the evolution of this form of climbing up to the current “Golden Age”. Off-the-scale gnarly moves and hair-raising highballs. Sumptuous production. Historical garnish. Anarchy. Daft bits. Awesome bits.

Teaser: "Blocheads"

A night full of adventure, dreams and passion like we are used to having at Mountains on Stage!

Thanks to all the protagonists on stage, to the public, and to our partners, for making this evening possible!

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