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Length : 66 minutes

Director : Hugo Clouzeau

A masterly film that traces the unfailing commitment of 4 climbers: Hélias Millerioux, Benjamin Guigonnet, Frédéric Degoulet and Robin Revest, to reach the summit of Nuptse, a 7,861 meters Himalayan giant. During 3 years the « gang des moustaches » will attempt to open a route up the south face of this mountain that never ceases to obsess them. This extrem climb in alpine-style will challenge their will but also their limits. This expedition was awarded by a Piolet d'Or and was transcribed with success by Hugo Clouzeau thanks to incredible images that transport us to the heart of the face.

Via Sedna

Via Sedna.jpg

Length : 45 minutes

Director : Ramona Waldner

Sailing to Greenland to open up a route on a face over 1,000 meters high is the dream that climber Caro North and skipper Marta Guemes have set out to realize with an all-female expedition. After 2 years of preparation, a team of 8 women, skippers and climbers, is ready to set sail : departure from La Rochelle, to the turbulent Arctic Sea, finally reaching Greenland and attempting to carry out this project… But be warned: if the opening of a route at the end of the world is full of unknowns, the journey to reach it is not a tranquil river either !

The Silent Escape

Silent Escape.jpg

Length : 29 minutes

Director : Oswald Rodrigo Pereira

Polish skier Bartek Ziemski has a monumental goal: to ski 2 mythical peaks over 8,000 meters high, Annapurna and Dhaulagiri. An incredible feat in the history of extreme skiing, since he wanted to ski these two 8,000 meters peaks without oxygen and without the help of sherpas, but also to descend to the base camps without taking off his skis ! It's a terrifying, captivating film about going beyond one's limits, without forgetting the solidarity that can save lives at this altitude !



Length : 21 minutes

Director : Fred Rousseau and Maxime Moulin

Humility is an essential quality for discovering the high mountains. That's what skier Juliette Willmann tells us. After years of competition on the slopes and in freeride, she's looking for new skills to tackle the legendary descents of the Chamonix valley, from the north face of Les Miages to the Couturier couloir on La Verte... A fast-paced apprenticeship for this gifted skier, and a gentle blend of wisdom and magnificent lines !

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